Total Needs Web Hosting and Services

Total Needs Web Hosting and Services

From 01 September 2013 we are pleased to be managing the Total Needs web hosting, web design, maintenance and promotion services directly for existing clients.

LJB Services has been working with Hartlib Press Ltd. as part of the Total Needs Network since 2003 providing Search Engine + Directory services, website design and maintenance.

The working relationship extends back to 2000 when we first provided Search Engine submission services and website design to PNA Ltd. which Hartlib took over when the owner, Peter Nightingale died. The proprietor of LJB Services, Les Bell will already be well known to a number of clients.

We also provide these services, together with web hosting, to our clients, as well as running a network of our own business websites which include a number of landscape photography websites. A recent addition to our services is Pay-per-click Account Management, which will be soon be available to all clients.


Website Hosting and E-mail

Web hosting and e-mail services will continue to be provided without any interruption. These services currently run on their own web server. The terms of service will be unchanged. At some point in time Hartlib Press Ltd. services may be merged with LJB Services web server, which also provides a very high standard of reliability.

Invoicing and payment will change to LJB services and details for electronic payments will be sent by e-mail to all clients. The fees currently charged will remain the same.


Website Design and Maintenance

Some of Hartlib Press Ltd. client websites were built by LJB Services. Maintenance on these websites and other websites has been done jointly. These services will now be provided directly by LJB Services.

Where website maintenance is included in the monthly / annual costs the fees currently charged will remain the same.


Domain Names

Clients will continue to be listed as the Registrant for their domain names. Technical Administration contacts will be amended from Total Needs Network to LJB Services.

Invoicing and payment will change to LJB Services. The fees currently charged will continue and will only change if Domain Name registration charges increase. Domain registration charges are affected by changes from Nominet ( and ICANN (.com + .net).


Search Engine and Directory Services

This service will continue as before except that invoicing and payment will change to LJB Services. The fees currently charged will remain the same.



There are no changes to clients current payment methods. We will write to clients by e-mail with our bank details for those who pay by BACS / Standing order.

VAT – we do not charge VAT so future invoice values will not include VAT.

About the Author

Les Bell

Les Bell

Business Owner - LJB Services - Web Design and Stock Photography. Based near Morpeth in Northumberland. Providing website services since 1999